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Welcome to the ECOHIVE Academy, where curiosity meets sustainability!    

Step into a world where children become the key players of a cleaner, greener future. At the new  ECOHIVE Academy, we believe that educating young minds is the key to unlocking innovative solutions for a better environment.  Our Academy is an invitation to all to explore and learn. Through interactive exhibits, augmented reality, and digital games, children embark on a journey of discovery, exploring the realm of waste management. 

The ECOHIVE Academy isn’t just about learning facts; it's about fostering a deep understanding of sustainability.   

Here, we inspire young thinkers to ask the important questions: How can we reduce, reuse, and recycle? What happens to our waste after it’s thrown away? And most importantly, how can we make a positive impact on the environment? 

This experience will empower children to develop their own ideas in a fun and engaging way. From composting to renewable energy, every concept is brought to life through activities that spark creativity and critical thinking. 

Come explore, discover, and be inspired to make a difference. Join us as we revolutionise the way we think about waste!    

Interested in arranging a group booking or a school trip to the ECOHIVE Academy? Please drop us an email at or call 7968 6631 so we can discuss the details.   

Opening Hours

Tuesday to Sunday, 9am to 4pm (Last entry)   

Admission is free.     

How to find us

We are situated next to Sant’Antnin Family Park in Marsaskala, near the Marsaskala Football Ground. Parking facilities are available.

Last updated on 31/05/2024

ECOHIVE Complex, Tul il-Kosta, Naxxar NXR9030